Danmark Fendi tasker

The Language Department was formed in May 1975 when Kenya Utalii College started operating. The department has ever since been responsible for the teaching of German and French to begin with, Italian and Japanese were introduced later. These languages form part of the different subjects taught in the various courses offered. All students are required to learn at least one foreign language so as to be better prepared for the Tourism and Hospitality Industries upon graduation. We endeavor to make our classes a fun place to be in simply language through laughter!, Our approach is student centered, communication orientated and entirely based on the needs of the learner. The students are active both in and outside the classroom.

The Department has three language laboratories whereby the students can achieve the perfect native speaker pronunciation by listening to the native speaker through the usage of audio and audio visual materials. The department boasts of very current teaching aids and teaching methods. The lecturers concerned are dedicated, extremely motivated and highly qualified to train our students. Currently, The Language Department has seven (7) lecturers on permanent employment and eight (8) lecturers working on part-time basis.

The languages we offer are as a result of the demands from the Industry Plans are underway to offer Chinese as a foreign language.